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updated 2019-05-31

Listed below are categories that show what I’m spending most of my time doing. Ultimately, I am attempting to align these with my current vision for my career: To live in the intersection of data science and behavioral economics/decision science– to be a data-driven decision scientist.

Current projects

  • Building a machine learning process to classify phone calls according to the reason for the call using the Naive Bayes algorithm.
  • Cutting down two half-dead apple trees with only a pole saw and an electric chain saw.
  • Manual tuning of the content generation of the speech analytics/transcription system at Consumers Energy.

Things I’d like to work on

  • I’ve been collecting weather forecast data hourly from the accuweather API. I want to do some analysis on where the changepoints are in the forecast accuracy as you lengthen the horizon.
  • Use Python to connect to Todoist API and do some visualization with the 1000s of tasks I have completed over 4+ years.
  • Learn how to repair/patch drywall.

Skill Development

  • Increasing interpretability of ML model results, particularly to look for opportunities to improve the classification accuracy through changes we can make to the creation of the raw data itself.


My LibraryThing reading timeline

Finished recently and still thinking about

  • Getting Unstuck by Matt Perman

Currently reading, listening or revisiting

Starting soon

  • The Chemical History of a Candle by Michael Faraday


This web site is primarily to function as an extension of my professional life. At any given time, my life in Lansing, Michigan as a husband, father to four young children and homeowner provides many challenges, goals and failures.