Getting Unstuck: Ch 1, How We Get Stuck

I am reading Matt Perman’s How to Get Unstuck and taking on the writing exercise at the end of each chapter. More information in this article on the introduction.

Chapter 1 describes what Perman says are the three ways we get stuck: 1. We don’t know what God wants us to do 2. We know but we don’t know how to make it happen 3. Obstacles prevent us from doing it.

Exercise: What are the biggest ways you are stuck right now?

The obstacles that come with being a parent of young children are what gets me or keeps me stuck. First, I don’t know in advance whether or not I’ll have very little or significant free time in my week. Sickness, sleeping issues, behavior issues can end up taking up much more of my time or energy than I expected. Then with the free time I have, even in a normal week. I am often too tired to want to get up early or do mentally strenuous work after they go to bed. My free time is also fragmented. I can and sometimes do a good job of picking up a book and reading with pockets of 10 minutes that I have but many of my professional, skill-enhancing goals are things where I’d rather have a couple of hours to do it. I occasionally take most of a night for that but it’s not something I feel I can or should do very often.