LibraryThing Reading Timeline

For many years I used a web site called Shelfari to track my reading and wish list. This was eventually swallowed by Amazon and merged with Goodreads. For reasons I cannot remember now I did not like Goodreads and ended up switching to a service called LibraryThing that created a conversion process to get the Shelfari data in there. I haven’t used it as faithfully as Shelfari and only recently started marking dates when I completed books.

I do have enough data however to start trying out some techniques I do not use in my day-job, like working with API’s, non-tibble data structures and more unique visualizations. As I began working with the LibraryThing JSON data I had a difficult time converting it from a list-in-a-list-in-a-list to a data frame. Thankfully I have a friend named Stack Overflow. I will be re-using this code for all of the work I do on this project.

Timeline of books (2018-08-22)

First I set out to create a timeline to show when I had completed books. I explored several paths and ended up adapting a vignette from the ggrepel package with which I was previously unfamiliar. I noticed a larger gap in my book completions than I remembered, until I remembered that we had a baby on 3/12/2018. So I added an annotation to fill all of that white space with a excuse reason.

The timeline updates each time new content is pushed to the site.

Future Plans

I plan to add visualizations of where I have acquired books and the time it takes me to complete books. As time goes on and I get more data points I may add more.