Getting Unstuck: Intro

I just began reading Matt Perman’s How To Get Unstuck: Breaking Free From Barriers To Your Productivity. I was pleasantly surprised by a section he added to the end of each chapter– “The Unstuck Clinic”– which summarizes the chapter, has an application exercise for the reader and provides resources for further reading.

Too often my zeal for wanting to read more becomes an obstacle to reading well. Even when I started this book a few days ago, part of the time reading the introduction was also while serving as a jungle gym for a four-year-old. I am going to use the application exercise at each chapter as a method to force me to slow down and digest the material; I will not start the next chapter (or perhaps, part, of the book if I read the chapters in batches) of the book until I’ve completed the previous exercise.

I will be tweeting and blogging the experience as well. In the Introduction Perman defines being stuck (something prevents you from doing, changing or accomplishing something else) and lays out the purpose of the book.

Introduction: Write out a description of your vision of what it looks like to be unstuck

Being unstuck means I take the time to think about what is most important, regularly plan my weeks and months according to those priorities, and then execute on the process I think it requires to get those results. It will not always mean getting the results I want particularly as many of my priorities involve seeing some kind of change happen in other people (eg, my kids).