Dynamic resume's built in R with the vitae package

Updated Sept 25, 2019

A couple of months ago I came across the vitae package which was recently developed by Mitchell O’Hara Wild. I have been using the same basic resume template for over 10 years, mainly by default, but I really liked the layout offered by one of the vitae templates and the ability to build it with R Markdown turned a chore into something fun to do (keeping the resume current).

The package can be installed from CRAN with install.packages('vitae'). The templates originally set up were more geared towards academics with Curriculum Vitae’s (the template I am using, “awesomecv”, even had the words “Curriculum Vitae” hardcoded in the footer). I have added some features to make the package more resume-friendly at the developer’s Github repo. Update: These changes have now been integrated into the production version at CRAN.

In order to change the footer so that it does not say Curriculum Vitae, you must utilize the docname parameter in the yaml header.

Check out my resume as an example of the updated “awesomecv” template, and the R Markdown code that creates it.

What I particularly like is the top section which allows you to better define yourself and draw others attention to your portfolio/website/etc. I also took the opportunity when I switched to this format to put Skills first as I believe that in the field of data science skills are as important as experience, particularly soft skills which I didn’t draw attention to previously when I just listed software or languages at the bottom of the resume.